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You can’t affect real change without the skills to overcome all sorts of challenges. It is difficult to equip your staff or your board for success without the leadership to navigate obstacles or a crisis like Covid-19. Here you get the tools to develop your leadership, a safe place to talk about challenges, and the opportunity to find the solutions to build an impactful organization that withstands an unstable economy.


We welcome all nonprofits – small, mid-size, and large from every sector and professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences to our community because we believe that an inclusive and diverse group is the only way to build a community where everyone thrives. We promise to keep this community engaging, inspirational, motivational, and very helpful for everyone.


The Nonprofit Academy is the culmination of 12 years of multiple focus groups, surveys, workshops, one-on-one coaching and sharing to create learning opportunities and platforms for organizations across the globe. We heard you and we responded with this community. We are committed to creating programs our community wants and needs, and we continue to be here for you and welcome your thoughts, ideas, and feedback. We promise to be responsive, promote a continuing dialogue and advocate for our community.


Every nonprofit has multiple moving parts - coordinating staff and Boards, designing and implementing programs, and allocating limited resources. Sucess is based entirely on the nonprofit's ability to communicate and engage with all of their stakeholders, from staff and volunteers to program participants to the wider community.   The ability to craft effective messaging and maintain open communications is the key to making an impact and nurturing relationships that are the foundation of the organization's success. 


Our community is focused on expanding your network of nonprofit leaders and a team of professionals with expertise across sectors and organizational functions.  ⁠Nonprofits are tasked with solving problems - always a daunting task.   It has become essential to generate novel ideas and innovations to meet both on-going problems and more severe crises.  Through live virtual workshops and programming designed to facilitate communication, we are committed to creating a platform that drives new connections and an exchange of experiences and ideas.  A diverse and interactive community fosters new ideas and innovations that amplifies impact and moves the needle on solving problems.