May 2021 Ask The Expert Webinars

Engaging and Interactive opportunities for nonprofits to learn and grow thru COVID0-19.

Fast Track Board Development 

Tuesday, May 11th 4p.m. EST

Most nonprofits start out with volunteers running the day to day because fundraising and the revenue that comes to sustain takes time. At some point, with careful planning a strategic execution, the new nonprofit requires a paid team to take it to the next level. In this engaging opportunity where nonprofit leaders are encouraged to bring their specific circumstances to the conversation, nonprofit veteran development professional Denise Lawrence will offer examples and insight on how to develop a fundraising and governance board of directors quickly. Denise brings 34 years of experience and has helped hundreds of nonprofit executives learn the art of recruiting, retaining and motivating a board that gives and gets.

What you can expect:

Practical examples on how to find new board members who can writes checks, bring checks, and open doors for new donors.

How a good board can jump start your major giving campaign.

How to transition current board members and properly onboard the new ones.

If you are a paid member, tickets will be FREE. 

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