How to Become a Better Fundraiser
June 30, 2022
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Please join Nonprofit Academy Live and Alexandra Cohen for this Expert Series Workshop.

⁠You have a handle on the different ways to research grants that align with your nonprofit's mission and started to draft LOIs and proposals to secure funding and continue your actvities.  But what are the things you should be doing for your organization to be prepared and make the grant writing process more efficient and less stressful?

⁠In this workshop, we will discuss:

⁠- Documents to prepare in advance of drafting grant proposals

⁠- Systems to save time and create greater efficiency for the grant writing process

⁠- Overview of project management and grants software

⁠- Templates to get you started tracking and managing the grant application process

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    How to Become a Better Fundraiser
    Please join Nonprofit Academy Live and Denise B. Lawrence for this Expert Series Workshop. Everyone at every nonprofit who believes in its mission and work and and should be fundraising. In this workshop, Denise B. Lawrence will share her experience over 35 years on how to build the confidence and teach the right fundraising skills from board members to program staff. Take your nonprofit fundraising to a broader, more effective place. This workshop is perfect for new Executive Directors, Board Members, program staff and other direct client staff.
    $ 34.00 

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