May 2021 Ask The Expert Webinars

Engaging and Interactive opportunities for nonprofits to learn and grown in the midst of COVID0-19.

Lessons Learned from the Worst Hurricane Season on Record

Thursday, May 20th 4p.m. EST

The 2020 Hurricane season was the most active on record, with 30 named storms generated in the Atlantic. Disaster preparation and relief expert Matthew Topper will facilitate the complex challenges nonprofits face. That is 100% more cyclonic activity than an average season. Six of these storms were major hurricanes and five of those focused their damage on the Louisiana coastline. Despite previous disaster mitigation measures and Louisiana’s prior experience with hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the 2020 storm season is rewriting the region’s playbook on how to adequately prepare for and respond to major hurricanes and natural disasters of similar scale and impact. This presentation-style session will cover key points at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of the paradigm shift we are seeing in the aftermath of 2020.


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