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501c3 vs. 501c4
In today’s evolving political climate, our charitable legal experts will explore the political do’s and don’ts of a traditional 501c3 designated organization and the political advocacy and education benefits of creating a 501c4 organization. The webinar will be an engaging opportunity to ask specific questions and get clarity on what is legal and what is not in operating either organization, so future founders can make the best decision to achieve their politically charged goals.
Are You A Community Powerhouse?
Arts & Culture Funding is on the Rise
Community Needs Assessment for Program Planning
Community Needs Assessment for Program Planning
Developing a community needs assessment to support your organization's planning process can be challenging.  We'll provide an overview of the various aspects of the community needs assessment and offer resources to help your organization tackle this important part of your program planning process.In this workshop, we will address:⁠- Why conduct a community needs assessment?⁠- What should be included?⁠- How often should you conduct this type of assessment?
Fast Track Board Development
Denise Lawrence will offer examples and insight on how to develop a fundraising and governance board of directors quickly
Federal Grants – Friend or Foe?
Join our team of expert federal grant writers and learn how today’s offerings can benefit nonprofits in every phase of development. From startups to those with multi-millions in annual revenue, there is a federal grant for everyone. Federal grants are no longer far reaching and obscure opportunities. Hundreds of opportunities are available. Did you know there are over 20 sub-departments at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) alone? Let us guide you through accessing federal grant money four your next big project.
Grants Workshop - 10/28
Grants Workshop with Kerry Lee Riley - 1/13
Grants Workshop: Preparing for the Proposal Process
Grants Workshop - Preparing for the Proposal Process
Grants Workshop: Preparing for the Proposal Process - June Workshop
Grants Workshop - Preparing for the Proposal Process
How to Become a Better Fundraiser
How to Become a Better Fundraiser
Lessons Learned from the Worst Hurricane Season on Record
The 2020 Hurricane season was the most active on record, with 30 named storms generated in the Atlantic. Disaster preparation and relief expert Matthew Topper will facilitate the complex challenges nonprofits face. That is 100% more cyclonic activity than an average season. Six of these storms were major hurricanes and five of those focused their damage on the Louisiana coastline. Despite previous disaster mitigation measures and Louisiana’s prior experience with hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the 2020 storm season is rewriting the region’s playbook on how to adequately prepare for and respond to major hurricanes and natural disasters of similar scale and impact. This presentation-style session will cover key points at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of the paradigm shift we are seeing in the aftermath of 2020.
Make Money Your New Best Friend
Expert Series Workshop
Nonprofit Executive Director - November Happy Hour Roundtable
Nonprofit Executive Director - October Happy Hour Roundtable
Nonprofit Executive Director Happy Hour Roundtable
Nonprofit Leaders - June Roundtable Discussion
Nonprofit Academy Live - Roundtable Discussion
Nonprofit Leaders - Roundtable Discussion
It's been over 2 years since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, there have been tremendous shifts for nonprofits.  Please join us for an open discussion on the impact of Covid on your organization and ways in which your organization's structure or operations have changed - and to grow your community of nonprofit leaders.⁠Topics can include:⁠- What does post-Covid fundraising look like?⁠- What programs or practices are or are not working?⁠- Has there been a change in the mindset of funders?⁠- How are nonprofits addressing staff shortages or hybrid workplace practices?
Trends in Nonprofit Executive Compensation
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